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Meet our Female Leaders at Hartford Care! - 8 Mar 2019

It is true that the care industry is traditionally seen as a female-led business as women conventionally undertake more caregiving jobs than men.

But at Hartford Care, we are proud to own 14 care homes and 11 of them are managed by women.

Here are two female Care Home managers, who share their experiences of being in charge:

Jo Aitkin – Manager of Tegfield House, Winchester

I grew up in Essex and I started my caring career at 10 years old. I had a neighbour called Mariel who had experienced 3 bad strokes and I began to spend time with her, to keep her company and look after her. Soon enough, I was taught how to use the hoist and bath lift and I can honestly say that Mariel was the reason I started a career in care.

During my time as the manager of Tegfield House, I have learnt a lot from our residents, including the need to be flexible because when it comes to caring for those with dementia. Our residents don’t always need structure, they just like to feel happy and safe in their own world.

It is true that the care industry is dominated by women, but I wish there were more men in the care industry because they can also offer a lot of value and experience.

To anyone wanting to start a career in caring: find a reason to want to be a carer – you must absolutely be confident that this is the route, you want to take then fly with it. Also, say yes to opportunities to learn, train and progress.

You can read more about Tegfield House:

Aga Gierek – Manager of Bethel House, Barton on Sea

I started my care career 11 years ago because I was inspired by my aunt who was a nurse, in a nursing home in London.

At first, I wasn’t sure if I could do it and I almost quit until I went to work at a residential home and my career progressed from a care assistant to a senior carer.

I enjoy the contact with residents – I like that I can do something to make their lives better and this makes me happy.

Working with the team at Bethel House is really good, I enjoy motivating them and seeing them progress. I have seen one staff member be promoted from carer to senior carer and it is rewarding to be a mentor.

It feels good to be appreciated in my role when I receive a smile from residents. Also, the relatives are thankful for the work we do my team work really hard to deliver quality care. It makes it all worthwhile.

Find out more about Bethel House:

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